Something to do with truth…

A conceptual teaser, produced way back when.

Status:  In Development, being written by the smiling jerk below:

Actually, it's Adam Bailey.  Shush.

Pictured: The Smiling Jerk

Synopsis: A few ordinary people find themselves pitted against each other in a deadly race through a supernatural maze — but what’s the meaning of the game?*

Who’s Playing This Tune?

Mainly Adam Bailey, doing the “Consummate Auteur” thing and being both writer and director.  James Treakle’s giving some notes on the script, and he’ll be producing.  Stephen Smith’s got the short end of the stick, and he’ll be the cinematographer — if we can ever get him on the phone, that is.

Ya Got Any Stars, Man?

Nope.  Send us a frakkin’ email at sandtpictures [at] if you wanna play a frakkin’ role, man.  We might even write you in if you’re cool enough.

Do You Have Any Money?

Are you kidding?  We’re artists.  We don’t have money.  We’d like some, though.

How Can I Find Out More, Babe?

First, I’m not your babe, and you ain’t got me.  Second, yeah, follow us on Twitter (@STPictures) or Facebook.  Or stick around here and follow the updates.  James runs around with a camera and writes a bunch of stuff on our Jazzy Production Journal.

*Probably not an accurate synopsis.


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