Avant-Garde (Conceptual) Teaser Spot:

Early test footage:

And composer Patrick Zabriskie’s preliminary themes for the film:

Status: In Development, as the project has been pushed back due to budgetary and logistical concerns.


If only James' voice didn't squeak, he'd be just like Orson Welles.

It's all this guy's fault.

Synopsis: A young man dreams of reaching other worlds, but he knows better than to hope for impossible things. One day, however, another world crashes into his — and the dream becomes a nightmare.

Who’s Behind This Nefarious Plot?

James Treakle is pretending to know how to make a movie, both writing and directing this surefire hit.  Jonathan Goodwin helped brush up the screenplay a little.  Adam Bailey’s doin’…  somethin’.  Stephen Smith continues to have terrible luck as the cinematographer, otherwise known as a DP, not to mention his massive financial contributions as Producteur Exécutif, oui. Patrick Zabriskie’s our beloved composer for this short.  His stuff is amazing.

What Kind Of Twisted Talents Are At Work, Here?

We’ll get to casting shortly, I’m sure of it.

Do You Have Any Money?

Have, or need?

How Can I Learn More?

The Production Journal, Twitter, or Facebook.  Use them.  Read them.  Prepare for awesome.

The artist formally known as ‘Knock Knock’


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