Knowledge is power, and certainty is freedom.

Composer Patrick Zabriskie’s theme:

Status:  In Development, with a pretty good second draft, if I do say so myself…

We're Growing The Beard
It’s that guy, again.

Synopsis: Coveted knowledge grants a vengeful killer the power over fear and death — but his time is running out, and a steely-eyed detective is after the secret.

Okay, Who’s The Fool Mixing Up My Sci-Fi With My Film Noir?

Blame it on Ridley Scott, Alex Proyas, William Gibson, a few other people…

No, Really, What Kind Of Madman Dreamed This Up?

Blame it on James Treakle, who’s just writing this time.  Adam Bailey is directing, God bless his little heart.  Stephen Smith’s the DP.  Jonathan Goodwin helped a little with the script.

This ain’t over.  You ain’t seen the last of this one!


One thought on “ClockMaker

  1. maybe you should call it Horologist since that’s what a clockmaker is officially called. with that title you could confuse the masses!

    ya…clockmaker’s probably a pretty good title.

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