The Writer Vs. The Block

Damned writer’s block.

It’s my worst enemy as a storyteller.  It flies out of the dark, kicks me in the head, and when I come to, there’s an ominous empty page before me and nothing in my brain with which to fill it…

What was I going to say?  I don’t know.  Oh, right; writer’s block sucks.  The problem is, because it comes from so many sources (stress, staring at the page too long, a need for caffeine, etc.) there’s no ultimate solution.  What I do, however, is just stop writing.  I put my mind on something else.  Since I write movies, I often spend hours viewing the best film posters I can find, because they communicate a story’s essence so simply and directly.  It reminds me of the need for a powerful icon.  I choose to get lost in there.  I refuse to think about writing.  Eventually my brain seems to forget it has any problem translating my ideas into a story, and before you know it, I’m writing again.

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